Protecting Revitalizer
R 2,099.00

Protecting Revitalizer

A lightweight serum that rejuvenates skins affected by sun damage and photo-aging. 

Formulated with strong anti-oxidants to reduce sun damage and boost the skin’s natural protection mechanisms while the calming properties, soothe the skin by fighting free radicals. Powerful active ingredients protect against the breakdown of elastin and collagen, and reduce the appearance of sun spots and pigmentation and so promote skin vitality and radiance.  The excellent anti-aging agent, Retinol, targets wrinkles, age spots, UV damage and pigmentation, and furthermore controls oil production. An additional blend of extracts provide the skin with 24-hour hydration and reduces  UV and infrared damage and protects from future injury.  

How to use: Apply 1 – 2 pumps to the entire face, avoiding the eyes, over the optiphi® Active Gels and under the Serums and Control Creams. May be used mornings and evenings It is recommended to introduce retinol-containing products gradually into your skincare routine. Refer to an optiphi® specialist for detailed guidelines.

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