Intense HA Serum
R 1,735.00

Intense HA Serum

A hydration boosting serum that re-plumps, re-densifies and intensively hydrates the skin.

The combination of low and medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid delivers ‘intelligent hydration’ to not only the surface but to multiple layers of the skin, by intensifying hydration, re-plumping and volumizing.

Imperata Cylindrica Extract penetrates deeply into the skin and offers 24-hour hydration, providing intense dermal moisture.

The Advanced Hydration Complex softens the skin and promotes long-term moisture while reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier. A combination of vitamins,  enzymes and antioxidants, assists in reducing breakouts, strengthens structurally weak skin and promotes collagen production. 

Perfect for dehydrated skins in need of additional moisture and nourishment. Skin Quenching Re-Plumper

How to use: Apply the Infinity Serum over your optiphi® Revitalizer or Active Gels, and under your Control Creams. Allow the product to penetrate thoroughly before continuing with further product applications. May be used mornings and evenings.


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