Facial Cleanser
Facial Cleanser
R 965.00

Facial Cleanser

A multi-functional cleanser to cleanse; tone and gently exfoliate. Formulated at pH 5.5, this cleanser restores balance and can be used as a shaving medium and eye make-up remover.  Salicylic Acid calms the skin and provides exfoliation.

The gentle soap-free formulation is suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Now including Niacinamide (Vit B3) and Lipohydroxy Acid, this formulation reduces breakouts, promotes the production of collagen and encourages cell-by-cell exfoliation, boosting skin health & appearance.

Deep Cleansing and Soothing Comfort.

How to use: Apply a small amount of Facial Cleanser to a damp face. Lather using light circular motions and rinse well. May be used over the eye as a gentle eye-make-up remover. Use mornings & evenings for best results. Double cleanse in the evenings to remove heavy make-up/sunscreen.



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