Complete Therapy SPF 20
R 1,000.00

Complete Therapy SPF 20

A protecting daytime moisturizer that supplies the skin with potent anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits.  An optiphi® blend of UV filters delivers sun protection of SPF20 and Hyaluronic Acid and Imperata Cylindrica Extract moisturizes the skin intensely.

Skin rejuvenation is promoted by a mixture of peptides and Retinol that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and improves the skin’s texture and tone.

Barrier Protecting Moisturizer SPF20

How to use: Decant 1-2 pumps to cover face and neck. Best used during the day as it contains a Sun Protection Factor of 20. Must be applied OVER any optiphi® Serums or Active Gels. Suitable for all skin types and conditions. Not recommended to be used by clients allergic to Vitamin A or clients on Roaccutane and/or Cortisone.



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