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Meet South African-born, Charlene Hogan, an experienced Somatologist with a passion for the industry, now the owner of Skin Solutions, Ireland. With over 32 years of experience, Charlene has dedicated herself to providing exceptional skincare results.

After relocating to Ireland in 2020, Charlene spent two years working at one of the country's leading skin clinics. Now embarking on a new venture, she made the deliberate decision to partner with optiphi® for their innovation in skincare technologies and their results-driven professional treatments and homecare solutions. Charlene is dedicated to improving skin and educating the public about the importance of skincare for all ages.

Charlene shares some of her insights into her world of skincare and how optiphi® is changing European skins:

How did you discover optiphi and what made you decide to partner with them?
‘I was introduced to optiphi by my friend about 8 years ago. She put me in contact with an optiphi business consultant who invited me to an optiphi launch. I was very excited to learn about a new and innovative South African product available to qualified professionals. When I decided to open my own practice in Ireland, having done a huge amount of research and training in many other brands in my time here, optiphi was the immediate choice.

In your opinion, how do European skin concerns differ from the rest of the world and why would you say that optiphi is the ideal brand to meet these needs?

Celtic skin is very prone to Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, and other skin conditions. I deal with very troubled skin every day. The UV rating in Rosslare Harbour is the highest in Europe and Melanoma is one of the highest forms of Cancer here in Ireland. Professional skincare is a non-negotiable for me when treating the skin. The science that backs optiphi makes it the only choice for me.’


Which of the optiphi® professional and retail solutions have become most popular with your clients and why?
‘The clients love the combination of indulgence combined with indisputable results which can clearly be seen after every single treatment. The ease with which I can perform advanced treatments with no fear of unwanted side effects means I can combine medical grade equipment like Kernel LED Phototherapy into any optiphi treatment and offer the client the very best for their skin each and every time.’

‘Calm Balm has been an extremely popular product with my clients, as the relief it offers is almost immediate.  Every single product sold has had positive feedback and brought about incredible changes within a short time. That is exactly what the customer wants.

My personal favourite optiphi product is the Eye Signs, it has improved the quality of my skin as if by magic’.

In your opinion, how important it is to combine your at-home skincare products with results-driven professional in-clinic treatments?
‘There is no compromise for me. As much as I love performing skin treatments, it's the results that drive me. If a client is not using the correct homecare, they simply cannot expect the best results. I am strict with my clients and will only perform the advanced treatments if they commit to using active skincare at home and especially an SPF product’.  
“You can have excuses, or you can have results – you can’t have both.”

You recently presented on teen skin and acne at a local high school. How do you feel about educating not only your clients but also the wider public on how their skin functions and how best to care for their skin?

I feel it is my RESPONSIBILITY to educate people about their skin. The lack of skincare knowledge is unbelievable, and platforms like social media market the gimmicks of skincare instead of teaching the public about what their skin needs, and where it needs it. I am committed to speaking the truth about skincare products, devices and trends and to teaching the public of all ages about how to obtain their best skin. I regularly speak at events and schools to help the public, especially teenagers, learn about how to best look after their skins and where to go for help.


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